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Scrub Station (PLT-263 B)

  • Tanco Scrub Station uses a modern and scientific technique to scrub hands, washing instruments, scopes and dryer used to dry in quick action.
  • This is a unique device designed for the surgeons convenience to scrub.
  • The device facilitates the flow of water without opening or closing any taps. It is operated on sensors conveniently placed in front of the scrubbing person.
  • WORKING PRINCIPLE: It works on optical sensor where a person stand in front of the water tap signal to solenoid and open the water to scrub.
  • A small container for either liquid soap or any disinfector is housed within the station.
  • The station is provided with a standby conventional foot operated tap in the event of power/ equipment failure.
  • Workable on Single Phase 220 / 230 volts A.C. supply.
  • The super structure is constructed out of 304 quality stainless steel square tubes and the entire bodywork made out of 304-quality stainless steel sheet.
  • The trough is sloped down to one end connected to the water outlet tube, which is curved to ensure that no water stays on the lower end of the trough, while not in use.
  • A water tank of stainless steel, solenoid valve, outlet valve, gate valve, and transformer unit are all housed within the station.
  • Two or three front doors are provided for maintenance and cleaning The rear portion of the station is fully exposed as it mandatory placed against the wall.