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Microwave Based Disinfection System (PLT-104)

Hi-Frequency Electromagnetic Waves Based Decontamination Device
  • 70 Degree C Microwave Assisted Sterilisation
  • Shortest Sterilisation Cycle : 45-50 mins
  • Cost Efficient with Low Maintenance and Running Cost Compliance with BMW-2016 Ruling
  • Outer Body made of Mild Steel Powder Coated with SS Microwave leak proof front cover.
  • Rectangular chamber made of SS-304.
  • Disinfection System Capacity: 18, 45, 60, 75Ltr/Cycle
  • 45-50 Mins Cycle Duration
  • Machine is designed closed loop water ejector system for the microwave chamber to avoid discharge of anyfumes/gases to the atmosphere.
  • Magnetrons strategically positioned and tuned to specific frequency to ensure total coverage and disinfection.
  • On Line temperature display along with printing of process cycle using printer to record process parameters. On line monitoring of process status and magnetron current. High End programmable logic control system to ensure total automatic disinfection cycle with minimum human intervention and single button operation.
  • Comes with Inbuilt printer to record process start time, end time and temperature log of the process along with weight of hospital waste processed.
  • Internally installed automatic water spray mechanism to facilitate moistening of the waste for uniformity of microwave absorption and heating.
  • Precisely balanced slow speed turn table with concealed drive mechanism to ensure 360 degree uniform heating and with weight sensor.
  • Supplied with Microwave proof moulded container to hold the medical waste.
  • Dedicate Pre-programmed Disinfection application cycles operated by single touch of button for Blood bag Disinfection, Charged Culture media Bottles (BD Bactec, McCartney Bottlesetc) Disinfection, Laboratory Waste Disinfection.
  • Operating Voltage : 230 ± 10 VAC, 50 Hz