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BOD Incubator Automatic (PLT-141)

  • TANCO brings the ultra-high-tech Triple walled Microprocessor controlled, solid-state heating/ cooling incubator (BOD Incubator ) down to earth.
  • BOD Incubator is specially designed for incubation of Biochemical Oxygen demand on water and sewage; can be used as environmental study and growth chamber by incorporating lighting and humidification system.
  • BOD Incubator is Used in various applications for microbiology, cell cultivation of animals, plants & food studies- where experiments requiring low temperature conditions. Used for microorganism or activation, good storage and desalting process of enzyme extracts and for preservation of vaccines, insulin, level extracts, a* 15°C for serological and complement fixation tests for enzymatic digestion process.
  • Robust construction outer chamber is made of Mild Steel duly pre treated & finished with powder coated paint for lasting finish.
  • Inner chamber made of STAINLESS STEEL SHEET (304 Grade).
  • Fitted with durable coaxial blower for forced air circulation at triple walled back to maintain temperature uniformity in the chamber.
  • Outer front double walled door is insulated and is fitted with magnetic tape for air tight closing for no temperature loss, provided with lock and key arrangement.
  • Door operated illumination lamp is fitted inside the chamber for easy visibility.
  • A full view inner plexi-glass door enables inspection and monitoring of inner chamber specimens without disturbing the process temperature.
  • High grade PUF INSULATION between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal losses.
  • Cooling is done by finned tube evaporator lie in the air circulation path by ISI marked Compressor/Condensing Units CFC free & R-134 a eco friendly refrigerant.
  • Heating elements are placed in the path of moving air duly insulated from the body.
  • Inner chamber has ribs for placing the shelves at convenient levels. Supplied with 2 or 3 removable shelves.
  • Control panel having all controls and circuitry are housed at the top fitted with Temperature controller cum Indicator Microprocessor based with LED display for Set Value (SV) & Process Value (PV) to select any desired temperature provided with Volt meter on the panel to read the incoming voltage.
  • Caster wheel mounted for easy portability.
  • BOD Incubator is supplied with cord and plug.
  • Operating Voltage: 220 Volts AC (50 Hz).


Model No. BOA - 2 BOA - 4 BOA - 6 BOA - 10 BOA - 12 BOA - 15
Usable Space in MM 405 x 405 x 405 610 x 450 x 410 845 x 500 x 400 870 x 570 x 560 900 x 650 x 570 700 x 900 x 650
Capacity 2 cu. ft 4 cu. ft 6 cu. ft 10 cu. ft 12 cu. ft 15 cu. ft
Approx Volume (Ltr) 60 ltrs 113 ltrs 173 ltrs 282 ltrs 342 ltr 421 ltrs
No. of Shelves 2 2 2 2 2 2
Temperature Range 5°C above ambient to 60°C (Resolution 0.1°C)
Temp. Controller By Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature Indicator and Controller.
Temp. Accuracy +0.5°C
Display LED Display for Set Value(SV) and Process Value (PV)
Relay Solid state electronic relay with protective heat sink.
Auto Tuning System System is compatible with auto tuning system
Air Circulation By forced convection system
Insulation By High density PUF insulation
Operations Nearly silent operation with ultra-low vibration
Voltage Indicator By Digital Volt Meter fitted on Panel
High Voltage Protection Through automatic voltage stabilizer (Optional)
Electric Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz


Controlling of Temperature By Profile Digital Microcontroller having 4 Programmers each of16 steps (total 64 steps of ramp / soak profile)
PLC Based Control Systems With Touch Screen Display with Direct Thermal / Dot Matrix Printer.
LCD Controller with Data Logger (16 x 2) with optional RS-485 communication ports, cables, window based software with inbuilt data recording.
Communication Port Communication Port with interface and data cable to download data to your PC.
Lighting system By interior illumination with 3 fluorescent tubes of 60 cm. (20 Watts) placed vertically along back wall Temp. 10°C to 60°C`
Timer With reverse 0 - 24 hours for regulating hours of light and darkness including fitting at the top of incubator.
CO2 air mixtures For incubation in CO2 air mixtures provided with nozzle f fitted at the side of Control panel for admitting CO2 or CO2 air mixture chamber
Carbon dioxide cylinder, Capacity: 10 Ltr with CO2 regulator and pipe fittings.
Humidity Control arrangement. 55 % to 90% ± 5 % RH with Digital Humidity Controller/Indicator
Shaking Facility By Slow Speed Shaking Platform
Regulated Voltage By Voltage Stabilizer Automatic