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B.O.D. Incubator Automatic  B.O.D. Incubator GMP Model  Blood Storage Cabinet 
Chest Freezer Top Open Door  Deep Freezer Horizontal  Deep Freezer Vertical 
Environmental Chamber  Fluid Warming Cabinet   Frozen /Semen Storage Cabinet 
Ice Flaking Machine  Mortuary Chambers  Mortuary Freezers 
Plant Growth  Orbital Shaking Inc. B.O.D Type  Orbital Shaking Inc. Cum B.O.D Incubator 
Orbital Shaking Inc Table Top  Plasma Freezer (Vertical)  Refrigerated Water Bath 
Seed Germinator Dual Chamber  Seed Germinator Single Chamber  Stability Chamber 
Stability Chamber GMP Model  Ultra Low Temp. Cabinet  Vaccine Storage Cabinet 
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High Temperature Deluxe Oven  High Temperature Muffle Furnace  High Temperature Oil Bath 
Humidity & Temp. Cabinet  Hybridization Incubator  Incinerator 
Incinerator Portable  Incubator Bact. (Memmert Type)  Incubator Bact. Digital 
Incubator Bact. GMP Model  Industrial Drying Oven  Oven Universal 
Oven Universal Digital  Oven Universal GMP Model  Vacuum Oven Double Walled 
Vacuum Oven GMP Model  Rect. Muffle Furnace (1200oC)  Rect. Muffle Furnace (1000oC) 
Serological Water Bath  Tray Drier 
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Shaking & Stirring

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Rotary Heavy Duty  Rotary Shaker (Table Top Model)  Laboratory Stirrers 
Sieve Shaker (Grytory Motorized)  Sieve Shaker (Table Top Model)  V.D.R.L. Rotator 
Water Bath Incubator Shaker  Wrist Action Shaking Machine 
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Clean Air

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Biosafe Cabinet Class II  Biosafe Cabinet Class III   Fume Hood 
Grossing Table  Laminar Air Flow (Horizontal)  Laminar Air Flow (Vertical) 
Pass Box Class  Portable Air Purifiers 
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Bomb Colorimeter Digital  Buchi Evaporator  Buchi Evaporator Deluxe Model 
Centrifuge Machine All Purpose  Centrifuge Machine Digital  Centrifuge Machine Haematocrite 
Centrifuge Machine High Speed  Centrifuge Machine Micro Digital  Centrifuge Machine Refrigerated 
Centrifuge Machine Table Top  Centrifuge Machines (For Dairy)  De-Humidifier 
De-Humidifier (Vertical Model)  Distill Water Still (Wall Type)  Distill Water Still In All Glass 
Distill Water Still Table Pattern  Freeze Drier  Heating Mantles 
Heating Plate Round  Heating Plate With Cost Iron  High Precision Water Bath 
Infra Red Moisture Balance  Kjeldhal Digestion Unit  Kjeldhal Distillation & Digestion Combined 
Kjeldhal Distillation Unit  Magnetic Stirrer  pH Meter (Lab. Model) Digital 
pH Meter Digital with A.T.C.  pH Meter Microprocessor Based  Scrub Station 
Seed / Grain Divider  Seed Blowers  Soxhlet Extraction Unit 
Tissue Flotation Bath  Ultra Sonic Cleaner  Ultrasonic Cleaner Large 
Vacuum Pump  Vacuum Pump (Oil Free)  Vacuum Pump Double Stage 
Vacuum Pump Single Stage  Water Bath Circulating  Water Bath Rect. Single Walled 
Water Bath Rect. Double Walled  Water Bath Serological  Water Still Electrical T/P 
Water Still In All Glass  Water Still Wall Type 
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Autoclave (Horizontal)  Autoclave (Vertical - Triple Walled)  Autoclave (Vertical) 
Autoclave (Vertical) (Fully Automatic)  Autoclave (Vertical) GMP Model  Autoclave Portable 
Autoclave Portable Cooker Type  Cylindrical horizontal H.P. Steriliser  Cylindrical Steam Sterlizer Horizontal 
Fermenter Vessel  Front Loading Autoclave (Economy Model)  Front Loading Autoclave (Advanced Model) 
Horizontal Cylindrical Steam Sterlizer  Inspisator  Medical Waste Sterilizer 
Steriliser Cylindrical Horizontal H.P.  Tissue Culture Hood  Tissue Culture Rack 
Humidity Cabinet  Platelet Agitator  Platelet Incubator 
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