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How do "TANCO" Air Purifiers Work ?
"TANCO" Air purification products use different filters and processes of varying effectiveness and each filters/process removes a set of contaminants. There is advantage in choosing a purifier that uses more than one filter as explained in the diagram below:
Models Available: AP-650, (Pure Zone - 651), AP-500 (GAMA - 501), AP-330 (GAMA-331), AP-350 (ALFA-351(A), AP-300 (Alfa - 300)
"TANCO" Portable Air Purifiers are used in various applications spanning fro Healthcare, Food Laboratory, Industry, Institutions, Lifestyles and Homes. These are extensively developed for OT/ICUs, maternity wards, OPDs, Burn wards, Pathology labs to ensure an infection free environment. The application of air filters in health care specifically ensures:

Check spread of virus, Germs and bacteria in public areas. Remove particles that can cause respiratory ailments. Make diagnostic centres less vulnerable. Provide sanitized environment for post operative care. -Do- Economy Model AP-300 (Applicable Area: 300 sqft.)
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