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Testing Chambers

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Stability Chamber (PLT-257) Stability Chamber GMP Model (PLT-258) Plant Growth Chamber (PLT-149)
Environmental Chamber (PLT-149) Seed Germinator Single Chamber (PLT-147) Seed Germinator Dual Chamber (PLT-148)
Humidity & Temperature Cabinet (PLT-261)
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Rectangular Muffle Furnace (1200oC) (PLT-240 A) High Temperature Muffle Furnace (1500oC) (PLT-243 A) Rectangular Muffle Furnace (1000oC) (PLT-240)
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Shaking & Stirring

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Rotary Heavy Duty (PLT-207 A) Rotary Shaker (Table Top Model) (PLT-207) Laboratory Stirrers (PLT-184)
Sieve Shaker (Gyratory Motorized) (PLT-231) Sieve Shaker (Table Top Model) (PLT-231 A) V.D.R.L. Rotator (PLT-201)
Wrist Action Shaking Machine (PLT-204)
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Clean Room Equipment

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Pass Box Static (PLT-273) Pass Box Dynamic (PLT-273 A) Ultra Sonic Cleaner Large (GE-011 A)
Laminar Air Flow (Horizontal) (PLT-270) Laminar Air Flow (Vertical) (PLT-271) Fume Hood (PLT-272 H)
Garment Storage Cabinet (PLT-272 D) Air Shower (PLT-275 E) Inoculation Chamber (PLT-272 F)
Ultra Sonic Cleaner (GE-011)
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Water Bath and Circulators

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Refrigerated Circulating Water Bath (PLT-115) Serological Water Bath (PLT-109) Water Bath Incubator Shaker (PLT-113)
High Precision Water Bath (PLT-110) Water Bath Circulating (For B.R. Meter) (PLT-109 A) Water Bath Rectangular Single Walled (PLT-107)
Water Bath Rectangular Double Walled (PLT-108) Refrigerated Circulating Bath (Chiller) (PLT-115 A) Thawing Water Bath (PLT-142)
High Temperature Oil Bath (PLT-121)

Blood Bank Equipment

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Blood Storage Cabinet (PLT-142) Platelet Agitator (PLT-142 F) Platelet Incubator (PLT-142 G)
Plasma Freezer (PLT-151) Deep Freezer Horizontal (PLT-153 A) Deep Freezer Vertical (PLT-153)
Ultra Low Temperature Cabinet (PLT-153 B) Thawing Water Bath (PLT-142) Cryo Bath (PLT-142 D)
Fluid Warming Cabinet (PLT-143 A) Blood Bag Tube Sealer (PLT-142 E) Medical Pharma Refrigerator (PLT-143 B)
Pharma Refrigerator Economy Model (PLT-143 C)
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BOD Incubator Automatic (PLT-141) BOD Incubator GMP Model (PLT-141 A) Orbital Shaking Incubator BOD Type (PLT-145)
Orbital Shaking cum BOD Incubator (PLT-146) Orbital Shaking Incubator Table Top (PLT-144) Platelet Incubator (PLT-142 G)
Hybridization Incubator (PLT-138) Incubator Bacteriological (Memmert Type) (PLT-136) Incubator Bacteriological Digital (PLT-136 A)
Incubator Bacteriological GMP Model (PLT-136 B) Water Bath Incubator Shaker (PLT-113)
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Ultra Low Temperature Cabinet (PLT-153 B) Deep Freezer Vertical (PLT-153) Deep Freezer Horizontal (PLT-153 A)
Chest Freezer Top Open Door (PLT-152) Plasma Freezer (PLT-151) Medical Pharma Refrigerator (PLT-143 B)
Mortuary Chambers (PLT-263) Mortuary Freezers (PLT-263 A) Frozen /Semen Storage Cabinet (PLT-143)
Vaccine Storage Cabinet (PLT-266)
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High Temperature Deluxe Oven (PLT-128) Industrial Drying Oven (Tray Drier) (PLT-129) Oven Universal Digital (PLT-125 A)
Oven Universal GMP Model (PLT-125 B) Oven Universal (PLT-125) Oven Vacuum Double Walled (PLT-126)
Vacuum Oven GMP Model (PLT-126 A) Hot Air Sterilizer (PLT-128 A)

Biosafety Cabinets

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Biosafety Cabinet Class II (PLT-275) Biosafety Cabinet Class III (PLT-275 A)
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Bomb Calorimeter Digital (PLT-300) Buchi Evaporator (PLT-255) Buchi Evaporator Deluxe Model (PLT-256)
Medico Centrifuge (PLT-181) Centrifuge Machines (For Dairy) (PLT-181) De-Humidifier (PLT-262)
De-Humidifier (Vertical Model) (PLT-262 A) Distill Water Still (Wall Type) (PLT-155) Distill Water Still In All Glass (PLT-158)
Distill Water Still Table Pattern (PLT-157) Freeze Drier (PLT-302) Heating Mantles (PLT-165)
Heating Plate Round (PLT-160) Heating Plate With Cost Iron (PLT-163) Inspisator (PLT-116)
Infrared Moisture Balance (PLT-295) Kjeldahl Digestion Unit (PLT-171) Kjeldahl Distillation & Digestion Combined (PLT-172)
Kjeldahl Distillation Unit (PLT-170) Magnetic Stirrer (PLT-187) Clean Air AC Module (PLT-272 C)
Humidity & Temp. Control Cabinet (Refrigerated) (PLT-261) Glass Ware Drier (PLT-247) Scrub Station (PLT-263 B)
Seed / Grain Divider (PLT-148 B) Seed Blowers (PLT-148 A) Soxhlet Extraction Unit (PLT-175)
Tissue Flotation Bath (PLT-122) Grossing Table (PLT-265 B) Jet Fogger Machine (PLT-304)
Vacuum Pump (PLT-250) Vacuum Pump (Oil Free) (PLT-251) Vacuum Pump Double Stage (PLT-250 A)
Vacuum Pump Single Stage (PLT-250) Tissue Culture Rack (PLT-272 I) Water Still Electrical T/P (PLT-157)
Water Still Wall Type (PLT-155) Water Still In All Glass (PLT-158) Laboratory Ball Mill (PLT-211)
Emulsifier /Homogeniger (PLT-185) Magnetic Stirrer ABPS Top (PLT-189) Floculator/ Jar Testing Multiple Spidle Stirrer (PLT-189)
Vortex Shaker/Test Tube Shaker/ Cyclomixer (PLT-202) Shaking Machine Reciprocation Kham’s Type (PLT-205) Heavy Duty Double Decker Rotary Shaker (PLT-240)
Industrial Furance (PLT-242) Lab. Willy Mill/Author H.Thomas Type (PLT-210) Humidifier Aerosol Disinfector (PLT-262 B)
Melting Point Apparatus (PLT-275 E) Tablet Hardness Tester / Monsato (PLT-277) Tablet Hardness Tester Pfizer Type (PLT-277 A)
dissolution rate test equipment (PLT-278) Friability Test Apparatus (PLT-279) Tablet Disintegration Machine DT (PLT-280)
Bulk Density Apparatus / Densitiometer (PLT-284) Polarimeter (PLT-285) Abbe Refractrometer (PLT-288)
Hand Refractrometer (PLT-291) Ultra Viotet Lamp /Box Type Combined Short & Long Wave (PLT-297) Ph Meter (EE-011)
Ph Meter /Lab Model - digital with ATC (EE-012) PH Meter Microprocessor Based (EE-012A) Conductivity Meter Digital (EE-014)
Conductivity & TDS METER Combined (EE-015) DO Meter Digital (EE-019) TDS Meter Digital (EE-020)
Colony Counter / Electronic Digital (EE-024) Nephelometer / Turbidity Meter -Digital (EE-027) Digital Photo Electric Colorimeter Eight Filter (EE-028)
Anaerobic Culture Jar (GE-02) Sterlity Test Unit / Filter Holder-SS (GE-05) Antibiotic Zone Reader Prism Type (GE-01)
Digital Potentiometer (EE-30) Digital Salinity Meter (EE-30) Ultra High Temp. Muffle Furance upto 1800oC (PLT-243 B)
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Autoclave / Sterilizer

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Autoclave (Vertical) (PLT-101) Autoclave (Vertical - Triple Walled) (PLT-101 C) Autoclave (Vertical) (Fully Automatic) (PLT-101 A)
Autoclave (Vertical) GMP Model (PLT-101 B) Autoclave (Horizontal) (PLT-102) Rectangular horizontal High Pressure Sterilizer (PLT-103 B)
Horizontal Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer (PLT-103) Medical Waste Sterilizer (PLT-105 B) Autoclave Portable (PLT-105 A)
Autoclave Portable Cooker Type (PLT-105 E) Table Top Portable Autoclave Complete SS (PLT-105)
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